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What To Do In The Event Of a Disaster:
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When it came to business phone systems, a battery backup was about the extent of your Disaster Recovery options. As more enterprise companies move their voice and data networks to the cloud, disaster recovery, especially for business telephony, isn’t what it once was.

What Is Disaster Recovery For Voice?

In its simplest definition, voice disaster recovery means customer calls and interoffice communications keep flowing during or after a local disaster.
As more and more traditional business phone systems migrate to IP-based systems, new measures are needed to ensure uptime in the event of a disaster. With the proliferation of SIP-based calling, creating options for DR is more viable now than ever.   

DR For Considerations

While there are several different Disaster Recovery design options recommended by IT professionals, there are a few considerations that need to be made ahead of an eventual disaster.

⦁  DID’s (Phone Numbers)
If you have never dealt with the joy of porting a phone number, know that it takes time and planning. If, say, AT&T provides your phone service, your phone numbers will be attached to that service. While it is possible to set up remote call forwarding, it isn’t going to happen immediately.
⦁  Mission Critical Applications
It’s unlikely that during an actual disaster all of your company’s extensions and phone numbers need to be online and active. Determine ahead of time which numbers and which extensions need to be online and available prior to building out a Disaster Recovery solution.
⦁  The System Itself
A Disaster Recovery solution can be either “active” or in “Stand-by” mode ready to deploy in the event of a disaster. However, if your Disaster Recovery Solution is not a part of your primary communication system, you will likely experience some amount of downtime. That means reduced functionality and reduced features. For instance, if you use any type of advanced call processing technology such as a Call Center, consider which features must be enabled during a disaster for that company to survive. The primary goal of a Disaster Recovery platform should be to keep the calls flowing and to keep your customers engaged.

How Voice Disaster Recovery Works

At VOIP-Pros we have designed and deployed many Disaster Recovery solutions for our business customers. In a typical Disaster Recovery scenario, our existing customers using VOIP-Pros services have their phone numbers controlled by us. This in itself enables Voice Disaster Recovery in its basic form.
Behind the scenes, our state-of-the-art Cloud Carrier Voice/Collaboration Platform can be configured to be your primary voice services platform, active overflow or stand-by voice recovery service. All with a 99.999% uptime SLA.
If a disaster strikes and your primary phone service fails, we can provision temporary voice, data or even Video collaboration services within hours. 
When it comes to Disaster Recovery for voice and data, VOIP-Pros will be there when you need us.
With over 30 years of voice and data communications industry experience, VOIP-Pros and TELEPHASE will work for you whether you are an existing customer or in need of emergency services due to an unplanned disaster. Don’t wait, call us today and let’s discuss your options before that inevitable disaster. We genuinely look forward to hearing from you.