Contact Center Workforce Management

Scheduling, Forecasting & Adherence (No Spreadsheets required)

Overview: VOIP-Pros WFM Solution

Scheduling, forecasting, and adherence are cornerstones of effective Contact
Center operations. Managers need a clear picture of their team’s availability,
performance, and incoming call volume in order to ensure agents can deliver
customer experiences that build trust and loyalty at every interaction.
Workforce Management gives supervisors the tools they need to effectively
manage their team’s schedules and performance — all from directly within
VoIP-Pros Contact Center. The end result: more productive and accountable
team members, and a more personalized experience for customers, with
improved First Call Resolution.

What Voip-Pros WFM Does

With Workforce Management tools built directly into Voip-Pros Contact Center, managers can quickly and easily forecast demand, allocate resources as needed, and track their team’s adherence to specifically-set goals or Service Level Agreements. It includes advanced scheduling tools, with support for multiple locations, shift types, and PTO requests, all easily accessible from a single source. Managers can ditch external spreadsheets, calendars, and disparate tools used to accomplish critical functions handled directly within WFM.
Additionally, managers can receive up-to-the-minute reports on the availability, adherence, and time management of their team, and can compare those reports with historical performance data.
This provides a clear picture of employee performance, allowing managers to make informed staffing decisions and increase accountability across the organization. And with WFM’s demand forecasting tools, managers can plan for incoming spikes in call volume, ensuring adequate coverage for better, faster, and more productive experiences for the customer.

Who Can Benefit From Voip-Pros WFM

Ultimately, WFM benefits Contact Center managers, agents, and the customers they
serve. Managers’ lives are simplified because the tools they need to track scheduling
and adherence are built directly into the Voip-Pros Contact Center platform. Agents’ schedules are accurately tracked throughout the day, increasing accountability and productivity.
And with adequate staffing in place, customers can receive a more personalized, delightful
contact center experience — one that increases First Call Resolution and builds loyalty and trust over time.

Benefits and Business Value Offered by Voip-Pros WFM

Traditionally, managing schedules, forecasting demand, and tracking adherence meant using multiple spreadsheets, calendars, and ad-hoc solutions. By putting these tools directly into Voip-Pros Contact Center, WFM gives managers a single source of truth when it comes to the
team’s availability and effectiveness —empowering them to create new efficiencies, set performance goals, and create a better customer experience.
Three major benefits offered by Voip-Pros WFM include:

Simplified Agent Scheduling: WFM eliminates
the need for outside tools and spreadsheets to
maintain agent schedules, saving managers
valuable time and resources and simplifying the
management process.

Enhanced Communication and Productivity:
Tracking agents’ adherence to plan gives
managers a clearer picture of the Contact Center’s
effectiveness, increasing accountability and
reducing staff absenteeism.

More Accurate Planning and Forecasting:
WFM’s forecasting tools allow managers to ensure adequate agent coverage to meet incoming demand — meaning shorter call times and greater satisfaction for the customer.