SIP Trunking Solutions

What Are SIP Trunking Solutions?

A SIP Trunking solution is a virtual phone line that utilizes a Broadband connection for access, offering up to 40% savings over traditional telephone lines. From small businesses looking for the flexibility and cost savings of the best VoIP options, to mid-sized businesses looking for business continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become the common signaling standard for real-time communications for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Benefits Of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking solutions offer many benefits, starting with the customer’s ability to plan for peak concurrent call utilization across the enterprise versus on a location-by-location basis. Most of the time this will result in immediate cost savings, as well as a more flexible and scalable solution for the customer.

Rapid Return Of Investment

SIP Trunking is cost-efficient to implement and CAPEX negligent, meaning businesses can maintain their same previous features at a fraction of the cost over time.

Fast Geographic Growth

SIP Trunking solutions combine voice and data to better connect distant business systems, helping companies establish faster, wider geographic growth.

Reduced Call Costs

Enterprises — particularly businesses that receive a high call volume, such as those utilizing cloud contact center solutions — can halve their telecommunications budget with SIP Trunking solutions by reducing the costs for making and receiving calls.

Enhanced Scalability

Unlike traditional POTs and T1/PRI lines that require planning for peak call times, SIP Trunking solutions offer the flexibility of on-demand scalability, meaning it can scale up or down as needed, making it an ideal and scalable solution.

99.999% Uptime SLA

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Case Study: How SIP Trunking Saves Money and Enables Business Continuity

Let’s say you have a customer that has 3 locations. They currently have 15 lines (POTs lines, or call paths on a PRI) at location one, 10 lines at location two, and 5 lines at location three. That’s 30 lines total today.

Provide your customer with one or many SIP trunk groups, and any number of pre-paid call paths. Also, offer them the ability to “burst” up to ten (10) additional call paths on-demand for a slight surcharge.

In many cases, your customers can operate with 20% less (or more) lines if they could be shared across the enterprise. Not only is that an immediate cost savings, but there are call routing and business continuity benefits included with the service.