Hosted PBX & VoIP Cloud-based Phone Services for Business

Benefits of Hosted PBX VS Premise-based

With an on-premise solution, your phone system is centrally stored at your location, and you’re responsible for service and maintenance. On the other hand, a cloud-based solution uses your Internet connection to connect to the cloud, requiring no additional hardware except for phones.

Cost Savings and Business Continuity with
Hosted PBX & VoIP

As a business owner, you need dependable and cost-efficient systems that enable business continuity and productivity. With no upfront capital outlay and centralized hosting between redundant data centers that increase reliability and stability, VOIP-Pro’s Hosted PBX & VoIP services deliver what you need from a solid business communications solution: cost savings without compromising features or reliability. 

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99.999% Uptime SLA

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