Turn Your Mobile Phone Into Your Office Phone

VOIP-PROS Mobile App

The modern office enables employees to work from wherever they are. Whether
they’re in the office, at home, or on the road, they can make and take calls as if they
were right at their desks. This trend toward more flexibility at work is growing, in fact,
industry specialists predict that the U.S. remote worker population will increase to
105.4 million in 2020. According to a recent Gartner study, 43% of workers spent
some of their time working remotely.

Your competitors are implementing solutions that allow them to rise to meet
the increasing employee demands for flexibility while improving productivity and
the customer experience. Maintain your competitive edge by adopting the latest
technology for your business and consider the following reasons why utilizing a
mobile app is a no-brainer.

Never Miss An Important Business Call

Clients and colleagues can easily reach busy employees anytime through one business
number that will automatically ring their mobile app. Eliminating the necessity to track down employees on multiple numbers, The Mobile App improves and streamlines
communications, and seamlessly connects a distributed and fast-moving workforce. Gain the latest communication tools for your staff so they never miss a business opportunity.

Protect Your Business

Calls are directed right to an employee’s smartphone without revealing any of their personal information. This helps ensure that business calls continue to be routed to the right resource, regardless of where employees are. It also provides business continuity, so that calls go to someone in your company versus an individual that might have left to work for someone else (i.e. the dreaded competitor.)

The Mobile App also makes it easier to manage “bring your own device” (BYOD) work environments.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

The Mobile App supports the virtual business office, enabling employees to connect seamlessly anywhere they need to conduct business.

Leverage an Investment You’ve Already Made

You’ve already invested in an office phone system — so why not extend the same features and benefits to your mobile phone? Not only can your employees make and receive calls placed to their corporate phone number via their mobile device, they can leverage important communication features, such as:

•One click to join conference calls

• Extension dialing to coworkers

•Corporate and personal phone directories at an employer’s fingertips

•Access to company international distance and dialing plan

•Management of what device rings when someone calls an employee’s business number

• Listen to and manage voicemail

•View recent calls

•Manage virtual attendant settings