Send and Receive Text and MMS from a Business Number


In an increasingly mobile world, employees are more and more likely to communicate
and collaborate with colleagues and customers via text message rather than a voice
call — and they’re likely texting from a personal mobile number. Voip-Pros SMS opens up an essential communication channel that enables you to handle business via text without the need for a voice call, all from a business phone number that protects your personal information and delivers a more professional experience.

Expectations for fast responses and quick turnaround times are rapidly increasing & SMS addresses the demand for instant gratification.

Benefits of Using Voip-Pros SMS

SMS allows users to send individual or group SMS (text) or MMS (images/videos/documents) messages through Voip-Pros UC via their business phone number. The user’s personal number is never displayed, increasing professionalism and privacy, while ensuring that business communication is continued and routed appropriately should the individual employee leave the company. SMS text increases flexibility, availability, and accessibility. Four of the most significant benefits offered by SMS messaging are:

Access Text Messages From Anywhere: Text messages can be sent or read from Voip-Pros UC, making it easy to catch up on
messages from anywhere and respond instantly.

Privacy and Professionalism: Rather than using or displaying a personal phone number, Voip-Pros SMS displays a business phone number, delivering an enhanced appearance of professionalism while protecting your private information.

Continuity of Communication at All Times: Keeping employees’ business communication tied to the business phone rather than a personal number ensures the necessary business stakeholders have full access to all information when and as needed, such as in
the case of an employee exiting a company unexpectedly.

Message History: A user’s full message history is easily accessible through Voip-Pros UC, an important feature for ensuring critical conversations and data are never lost.

Who Can Benefit From Voip-Pros SMS?

In a word—everybody. Employees, customers, managers, business owners, and anybody with a vested interest in communicating more quickly, more productively, and more conveniently will love using Voip-Pros SMS. Expectations for fast responses and quick turnaround times are rapidly increasing and SMS addresses the demand for instant gratification. Remote workers and customers increasingly “on-the-go” make the ability to interact without initiating a phone call critically important. SMS makes productive real-time communication possible and removes inconveniences or friction typically associated with email or finding time to make a call. Users can immediately start sending and receiving texts without the need for special apps or new software downloads — simply log into the UC Client, or hop onto the Voip-Pros Mobile app. SMS also takes multitasking to new heights, providing the invaluable benefit of accomplishing more in a single 24 hour period.

SMS opens up an essential communications channel — now businesses can accomplish more in a 24 hour period all while providing customers a higher level of convenience and productivity.