Interactive Voice Response Systems

24/7 Self-Service Customer Support & Automated Mass Messaging

What Is Interactive Voice Response & How Does it Work?

Inbound IVR Systems

With inbound IVR systems, callers can use their touch-tone phone to interact with a business’s database on demand — all without ever initiating an agent interaction. This self-service application reduces the number of basic but time-consuming calls for the business staff and improves the outcomes of customer interactions.

Outbound IVR Systems

Outbound IVR systems are mass messaging automation platforms for voice, SMS, and email. Used in traditional contact centers or for any business that requires customer interactions, outbound IVR software sends pre-recorded, automated messages to selected groups of customers, eliminating the need for individual calls. 

Four Benefits IVR Systems Offers Businesses of Any Size

Inbound and outbound IVR systems offer compelling benefits to businesses across all industries and verticals

Reduced Operational Costs

IVR software reduces a businesses’ workload, whether using it in a traditional contact center setting or using it to streamline and automate customer interactions outside of a typical call center environment. IVR reduces the operational expenses associated with bringing on new employees to handle customer needs and interactions while also increasing your customers’ overall productivity and bottom line.

Increased Productivity

Eliminating redundant, mundane or low-need customer touchpoints free up employees or contact center agents to focus on customer interactions that require direct or personal communication. Priority focus can be reserved for customer interactions that benefit from working with a human, leading to reduced call times and higher rates of First Contact Resolutions.

Improved Customer Experience

Many customer needs can be satisfied without human interaction. Inbound IVR software empowers customers with self-service options for everything from paying bills to getting store hours. Outbound IVR automates communications so customers don’t miss critical info. Positive customer experiences and resolutions are proven to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, & retention, valuable outcomes you can offer business customers with IVR.

Increased Revenue

Using IVR solutions to provide exceptional customer experiences can yield significant upticks in customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and a customer’s overall lifetime value. But IVR is also an ideal way for businesses to automate communications about promotions, specials, events, new products, and other revenue-driven business activities, giving your business customers a new, low-cost way to drive sales and build brand recognition.

99.999% Uptime SLA

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Customers can call into an inbound IVR phone system and quickly get test results, prescription status updates, and more. And using an outbound IVR system, healthcare businesses can send out automated appointment reminders, customer satisfaction surveys, and welfare check-ins without taxing front desk staff.

Government And Public Sector

Inbound IVR solutions can be implemented to enable DMV renewals and property tax payments by phone, reducing customer volume and wait times at physical locations. Meanwhile, outbound IVR software can send out jury duty reminders, automated background checks, and other essential updates as needed.

Insurance And Financial

Financial institutions can automate day-to-day customer tasks like credit card authorizations, loan payments, and account inquiries with inbound and outbound IVR software — meaning agents are free to focus on confidential, sensitive, or personalized customer needs.


By enabling customers to place and track orders, authorize payments, and enter credit card information, and inquire about shipment and membership status over the phone with IVR systems, retail businesses can deliver a better customer experience while reducing daily volume for their agents.

Commercial Applications for Interactive Voice Response

IVR systems offer inbound and outbound tools that increase efficiency and improve customer experiences, making IVR a great fit for any business or workgroup that regularly addresses customer inquiries. VOIP-Pros offers IVR to customers across many verticals to address a broad range of customer interactions spanning everything from typical, everyday inquiries to customized or unique applications.